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At the courthouse, Veronica has just walked in on Jim and Candace embracing.

"Hello, young whore," Veronica greets Candace just as David enters. "I see you're up to your old trick."

Candace is unfazed by the insult and tells Veronica that she's insecure. Veronica counters that Candace can't sleep her way to the top, but Candace disagrees.

"I'm going to leave, so the threat will be gone," Candace says to her, "but as I walk out the door, your husband is going to have to try hard not to stare."

"Bitch, get your ass out the door," Veronica says.

Candace leaves, and David encourages Veronica to do the same, but Veronica says she wants to talk to Jim first. She tells him that if he doesn't tell his wife, Katheryn, the whole sordid story involving Candace by tomorrow morning, she'll tell her herself. David says it's none of his and Veronica's business, but Veronica counters that they've hitched their wagon to Jim and his gubernatorial campaign. If Jim goes down, so do the Harringtons.

At the rehab center, Jeffery is trying to revive Wyatt after hitting him with a golf club. Wyatt is enraged, but Jeffery tells him he loves him and that they can come out together.

"Jeffery, there is no us. I'm not gay!" Wyatt shouts, shoving Jeffery against the wall. He storms out, and Jeffery is left panic-stricken on the floor, calling after Wyatt.


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