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Veronica returns to David's office and asks why he called her there. David says she should open discovery on Benny's case, but Veronica tells him she already did that.

"How does the case look?" David says.

"Like he was framed," Veronica says. "Like the Mona Lisa. It's all perfect."

David tells her that she should personally go over all the evidence. Veronica is immediately on guard, asking, "If I examine all of this evidence and I find there are others involved, should I turn my back?"

David says no, rather that she should just look the other way. Veronica says she'll look at the evidence and let him know her next move.

David tries to apologize again, but Veronica dismisses it.

"I'll see you at home!" she exclaims in falsely sweet tones and leaves the office.

Back at the Cryer mansion, Hanna comes to speak with Katheryn and confesses that Candace is her daughter.

"Nine is your daughter?" Katheryn asks, shocked.

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Hanna is confused by the reference, but Katheryn tells her to forget it. Hanna apologizes and explains that she tried to raise Candace to be a good person.

"You spilled a drink on her," Katheryn says with a smirk. "You should have told me."

Hanna says that she wanted to, but Celine advised her to keep Candace's identity a secret. Katheryn cuts in, telling Hanna that Celine is "Four," the fourth of Jim's many mistresses. Hanna is shocked that Celine wasn't fired, but Katheryn explains that she likes watching Celine suffer.

"I enjoy watching her get old and be miserable," Katheryn says. "Jim won't even look at her, and she is devastated."

Hanna says she understands somewhat but that she'd never let her husband's mistress into her own home. Katheryn explains that she's rethinking her life and all the mistakes she's made, including Jim.

"There is nothing sadder than being in your 50s and realizing the man that you loved and adored was a thief to steal your youth," she says, breaking down, "and when you get old he would trade you in for someone else."

Katheryn tells Hanna that Nine—Candace—is sleeping with Jim. Hanna is horrified.

"How can you be so calm?" Hanna says.

"Because I intend to live long enough to see that the son of a bitch pays," Katheryn says.


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