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At the Cryer mansion, Wyatt is sitting alone in the library when Jeffery enters. Seeing that something is clearly bothering Wyatt, Jeffery says that he knows Amanda's suicide attempt is taking a toll on him. Wyatt says he doesn't want to talk about it but is still upset. After some pressing by Jeffery, Wyatt finally admits that Laura stood him up and isn't returning his calls.

"Has she ever done this before?" Jeffery asks.

"Yeah," Wyatt replies. "When I first went to rehab she wouldn't call me back."

Jeffery points out that Laura and Wyatt always had a rocky relationship, but Wyatt says he thought it would be better this time around.

"Wyatt, she has someone," Jeffery says bluntly.

Wyatt is shocked, and Jeffery tells him that Laura is seeing Bradley, a boy that used to be on their school's wrestling team. Wyatt pulls out his phone and says he's going to leave her a message.

"No," Jeffery commands. "You shouldn't do things like this in anger, Wyatt!"

"I'm hurt, Jeffery!" Wyatt fires back. "Is that what you want to hear?"

Jeffery tells him that it's a big step to admit that Laura hurt him, but Wyatt is still confused by the news. Jeffery explains that some people have alterior motives, but he'll always be there to support Wyatt, and puts his arm around him. While Wyatt continues to puzzle out Laura's actions, a sly smile spreads over Jeffery's face. After a moment, Wyatt becomes uncomfortable and breaks away from Jeffery's embrace.