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At the county jail, Benny is surprised to see that Tony, a man who goes to his mother's church, has come to visit. Tony says he just wanted to ask if there was anything he could do to help. Benny responds that the only way Tony can help is if he can get Benny out of jail. Tony says he can't.

"Mr. Watson, I know you from my mother's church. I said hello to you a few times, that's it. So what are you doing here?" Benny asks.

Tony says he just wants Benny to know that he's there for him. Benny asks Tony if he's ever been locked up. Tony says no.

"You have no idea what this is like for me, then," Benny says sadly.

"You're right," Tony admits. "But I do know this is a bad charge. I know you didn't do this."

Benny is suspicious. He asks Tony how he knows that, and Tony says he has a friend on the inside. Benny says that if Tony knows something, he needs to tell his lawyer, but Tony explains that he hasn't gotten any information yet. As soon as he knows something, he'll tell Hanna.

"You have to trust me," Tony insists.

"No offense, but I don't trust anybody besides my mother after something like this," Benny says.

Tony asks Benny about his father. Benny says he was a coward who left Hanna while she was pregnant.

"Why am I talking to you about all this?" asks Benny, growing suspicious again.

"Maybe your dad wanted to be there for you and circumstances kept him away," Tony suggests.

Benny looks dubious and tells Tony that they're not really close enough to be having a social visit while he's in jail, and to please tell his mother if he finds out any new information. Tony says he understands and Benny leaves.



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