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At the hospital, Katheryn and Hanna are trying to leave unnoticed when they run into Jim, Wyatt and Amanda, also on their way out.

"It's about time you get here," Wyatt says accusingly.

Katheryn apologizes for being late and explains that she left her phone on the plane on the way to Paris. She asks Amanda if she's okay. Amanda says yes, that Katheryn didn't have to come all the way back to see her, but Wyatt disagrees.

"It seems every time you leave, Mom, something happens," he says. Jim and Katheryn both tell him to be quiet.

"Amanda, what were you thinking?" Katheryn asks.

Jim cuts in, "Katheryn, let it go. She's had a rough enough day as it is."

Wyatt, Amanda and Jim leave just before Katheryn collapses into a chair in the hallway.

"I thought I was going to faint," she says.

"That's because of all the lies you were telling," Hanna scolds. "Your heart pressure went down while mine went up."

Katheryn says she didn't have a choice. Katheryn tries to stand and leave but is overwhelmed by pain. Hanna finally convinces her to use a wheelchair. Katheryn explains that she couldn't have let her family see her using one.

"They smell weakness, they sense it. If I'd shown it to them for one minute they would've eaten me alive. They can't see that I'm vulnerable," she says, breaking down.

Hanna says she's going to find a wheelchair and leaves Katheryn in the hall.



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