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In another room in the hospital, Katheryn, recovering from her mastectomy, is in pain while a concerned Hanna looks on.

Hanna asks Katheryn whether she would really want to know if something important happened while she was in the hospital. When Katheryn says yes, Hanna tells her that Amanda tried to commit suicide. Katheryn becomes extremely upset, bringing on another spasm of pain.

"Is she okay?" Katheryn asks, panicked.

Hanna says she's fine and explains that Amanda overdosed on pills but was found in time.

"How can that child be in so much pain that she wants to die?" Katheryn says.

Hanna tells Katheryn that Jim and Wyatt have been to visit Amanda and that she's on the same floor of the hospital. Katheryn says she needs to leave right away, but Hanna won't call the doctor. Katheryn demands to go home, but Hanna refuses and leaves to run some errands. Once alone, Katheryn covers her face and sobs.

Over at Candace's apartment, Jeffery stops by to apologize for Wyatt's behavior.

"He's a great guy, but he's got a lot of demons," Jeffery says.

"And you're his exorcist?" Candace says.

Jeffery says there are a lot of things Wyatt hasn't explored yet. Candace tells Jeffery that Wyatt isn't gay, catching Jeffery off guard. Candace says that she knows Jeffery is in love with Wyatt, but he denies it.

"Come out of the closet into the light and live your life," Candace says.

"Maybe you just don't turn me on," Jeffery says.

"Oh, please," Candace says. "I could turn on a dead man."

Candace demands to know why Jeffery is really at her apartment. Jeffery pulls out $2,000 and asks whether Candace will be his date for a few public events. Candace says she thinks the offer is his mother's idea, since she seems to control Jeffery's life.

"You've got to be miserable," Candace says. "You're in the closet, you're in love with a straight man, and now you're trying to buy an image for your mother? I genuinely feel sorry for you."

"I don't need your pity, Candace," Jeffery says. "And I'm not gay."

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Candace says she'll take Jeffery's offer on one condition: that he sleep with her.

Jeffery tells Candace to forget it and leaves.


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