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Detective Rankins has asked Tony to come and meet him at the courthouse.

"Do you know a Benny Young?" Rankins asks.

Tony admits that he does but is vague about how. When Rankins tells him that his name is on Benny's birth certificate, Tony admits that he's Benny's father. Rankins informs Tony that Benny was arrested for drug possession.

"No," Tony insists. "I know that kid. I've been watching him from a distance. He wouldn't do that."

Rankins says he never knew Tony had a son, even though the two men served in Iraq together. Tony tells Rankins that his relationship with Benny's mother is complicated. After some hesitation, Rankins tells Tony that Benny is caught in the middle of something.

"Just know that he's being railroaded," Rankins says. Rankins won't say by whom, but he tells Tony that the scandal goes to the top of the bench. Rankins says that he's going to work on fixing the situation and that he'll call Tony later.

At the hospital, Jeffery comes back into Amanda's room and says he needs to run errands. He tells Wyatt that another counselor will be coming to fill in.

"Good," Wyatt says. "I get a chance to get away from you."

Jeffery tells Amanda to feel better and leaves.