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At the courthouse, Veronica is still demanding answers about why David gave Candace a car—and why cocaine was found in the car while Benny was driving. No one answers, and David asks Jim and Detective Rankins to leave.

"I don't enjoy being made a fool of," Veronica says.

David says he wants to tell her the truth, but it's too complicated. He claims he's only trying to protect her. "I'm representing a client. I'm trying to solve a very complex and difficult situation with that woman."

"Candace?" Veronica says.

David replies in the affirmative but says the client involved isn't Jim; he claims it's a different client. When David refuses to say who it is, Veronica says she'll get to the bottom of the story one way or another.

"If I do all this work to find out you're involved in it, David, it will be hell to pay," she says.

At the hospital, Wyatt and Jeffery visit Amanda. Amanda says she's going home today and asks where Katheryn is.

"Still on vacation," Wyatt says.

Jeffery assures Amanda that if Katheryn knew the circumstances, she'd be at the hospital, but Wyatt and Amanda are doubtful.

When Amanda tells Wyatt that he's looking good, Wyatt says that he's seeing Laura again.

"Look at you!" Amanda says, smiling. "She's making you light up again."

"No pun intended," Wyatt says.

Jeffery angrily jumps in, chastising him for his off-color humor, but Wyatt lashes back and tells Jeffery to calm down.

Frustrated, Jeffery leaves the room. Once in the hallway, he cries as his emotions take over.