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Back at the Cryer Mansion, Laura stops by to see Wyatt. Celine answers the door and doesn't recognize Laura at first but then says it's been a long time since Laura visited. Celine tells Laura that Wyatt was always better with his addictions when they were dating. Laura asks if Wyatt is in, and Celine goes to get him.

Upstairs, Jeffery gives Wyatt a friendship bracelet. Wyatt is confused and somewhat irritated.

"Thanks, but I'm good," Wyatt says, tossing it back.

"So you won't wear it?" Jeffery says.

"No!" Wyatt says. "What makes you think I want to be reminded of you?"

Just then Celine knocks on the door and says Laura is there to visit. Wyatt goes downstairs and hugs Laura. Jeffery is immediately on edge.

"Wyatt can't have visitors," he says.

"You know she's not going to bring me drugs!" Wyatt says.

Jeffery says he doesn't know that, offending Laura. Laura says she'll leave, but Wyatt tells her not to go. Jeffery calls Celine into the room and asks for Laura's coat.

"I don't want you to relapse, and she will make you relapse!" Jeffery says to Wyatt.

Wyatt and Laura both insist that won't happen, and Wyatt tells her not to leave. Jeffery says that if Wyatt won't follow the rules, he'll kick him out of the rehab program. Wyatt calls his bluff, and Jeffery storms upstairs.

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Seeing that Wyatt has won this round, Celine leaves to get Laura something to drink. Laura and Wyatt sit down, and Wyatt explains that Jeffery's outburst isn't about his sobriety but something else. Laura asks what, but Wyatt says he isn't sure; he's still gathering evidence.

"Evidence?" Laura says. "You sound like your dad."

"God forbid," Wyatt says. "But he did teach me the importance of building a case."

Wyatt tells Laura that he misses her, and she says she misses him too. They kiss.

Upstairs, Jeffery is seething over the argument with Wyatt. He calls Veronica and tells her that Wyatt won't follow the rules and that he needs her help. Veronica says she'll come over.


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