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At the courthouse, Detective Rankins pays a visit to the office of Judge David Harrington. Rankins wants to know why David's wife, Veronica, has been calling him nonstop.

"Because she's representing Benjamin Young," David says.

"What kind of sick game are you playing with me?" Rankins says.

Rankins wants to know why Veronica is back in the courtroom. He brings up a past incident that happened before she stopped practicing law where Veronica almost cost him his job, and he reminds David of his promise that she wouldn't practice again. David tells him that he didn't know Veronica took Benny's case until it was already done.

"I won't go on the stand against her," Rankins says.

"You won't have to," David says, "because there won't be a trial."

Rankins is confused. David explains that he had a trial last year where all the evidence disappeared.

"Are you asking me to tamper with the evidence?" Rankins says.

"I'm not asking you," David says. "I'm telling you what has happened in the past."

Rankins says he won't do it.

"Then my wife is the last person you should worry about," David says.