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At the Cryer mansion, Wyatt is still worried about his sister. Jeffery says he's sure she'll be fine.

"That's you—Mr. Positive," Wyatt says.

"The glass is always half full," Jeffery says.

Jeffery congratulates Wyatt on nearly being done with his rehab program, and asks what he'll do when he's done. Wyatt says his parents want him home, but he hates the Cryer mansion. Jeffery says they can talk to Wyatt's parents about letting him have his own apartment, but Wyatt is doubtful.

Jeffery says he might get a two-bedroom apartment and that they could move in together.

"No way," Wyatt says.

"Oh, come on," Jeffery says. "Be honest. In all the time that we've been spending together, there hasn't been one day that you've enjoyed being with me?"

"No!" Wyatt says.

Jeffery is hurt but says he's enjoyed being with Wyatt every day.

Wyatt seems to realize something and says he learns more about Jeffery each day. Jeffery doesn't quite understand, and Wyatt tells him that what he learns is like pennies in a piggy bank.

"They have no value...until I need to use them," Wyatt says.

Jeffery is still puzzling out Wyatt's words when Laura calls. Wyatt asks Jeffery for some privacy, and, reluctantly, Jeffery leaves.


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