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At the rehab center, Wyatt searches the Internet for an escort profile on his sister, Amanda. Jeffery says that's pointless: Amanda isn't that kind of girl. Wyatt says he suspects Candace somehow pulled Amanda into the business.

"Amanda wouldn't do that; she doesn't need the money," Jeffery says.

"You know Amanda's a follower," Wyatt says.

Wyatt says Amanda isn't answering his calls and that he wants to visit her. At first, Jeffery says no, that it's not a travel day in the rehab program, but he relents when Wyatt begs.

"Please," Wyatt says. "Haven't I been doing well?"

"Yes," Jeffery says.

Wyatt goes to take a shower and leaves his shirt. While Wyatt is in the bathroom, Jeffery picks up the shirt and holds it.

"He said please," Jeffery says to himself, smiling.

At the courthouse, David visits Jim's office and asks about Katheryn. Jim says he doesn't know where she's gone and that she's not answering her phone.

"We need her here," David says, referring to Jim's upcoming press conference.

"We still have a few days, so just relax," Jim says. "I know my wife. She'll cool off; she'll be back."

Just then, Veronica knocks. She tells Jim and David that she's representing Benny.

"Now why in the world would you want to do that?" David says, concerned.

Veronica says Katheryn asked her to do it as a favor.

David says Benny is a drug dealer, but Veronica isn't so sure. She says she doesn't know what's going on but that something else is at play in the situation. David says he doesn't want her representing Benny.

"Don't worry about me!" Veronica says.

"It was the pressure of the law that caused you to have that problem in the past," David says.

Jim looks uncomfortable and says he should leave, but Veronica tells him it's okay, explaining that practicing law gave her back problems, which compelled her to use medication and eventually led to addiction. Veronica insists she's fine.

"I have been looking at this case all night, and some things just don't add up," she says.

Veronica leaves, and Jim gives David a significant look. "David—"

"I know," David says. "Dammit, I know."