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At the hospital, Hanna visits Katheryn before her mastectomy.

"How did it go last night with the tests they ran?" Hanna says.

"I still have cancer if that's what you mean," Katheryn says.

Hanna pulls out a digital camera that she brought from the Cryer mansion and begins to film Katheryn, who states that she has a will at a law firm in Savannah. Hanna stops the camera and says she can't film the statement.

"Don't you have lawyers for that?" Hanna says.

"Yes, I just said that," Katheryn says, "but I don't trust them at all." She goes on to explain that she suspects Jim will try to suppress her wishes after she's gone and that she needs a safety net.

Hanna reluctantly continues to record while Katheryn states that no money will be left to her husband, Jim, and that if her will cannot be found, all her wealth will go to the Cancer Research Center in Savannah. She then tells Hanna to give the camera to Veronica if anything happens to her.

"You're really not going to leave them a thing?" Hanna says.

"Why?" Katheryn says. "So Jim can spend it all on his whores? And Wyatt can smoke it all up, and Amanda just give it away to anyone who asks?"

"Why are you talking like this?" Hanna says, worried.

Katheryn waves away the question. "Don't worry, Hanna. I intend to outlive him and give him hell all along the way," Katheryn says, chuckling.

Hanna says living for that kind of spite isn't worth it and that Katheryn should try to find happiness instead.

"You had to have loved him at one point," Hanna says.

Katheryn admits that she did. She initially fell for Jim because he was a "bad boy" and her father hated him. When she married him, she was already pregnant. Katheryn says her father put Jim through law school and that he owes her for his success.

Katheryn and Hanna go on to talk about their children. Hanna explains that while Benny is a good son, her daughter is a disappointment and hates her. Katheryn commiserates that her own children don't love her either, but Hanna says that's not true.

"You act like you haven't met them," Katheryn says.

Hanna says she'll come back to check on Katheryn after her meeting with Veronica.

"Don't let her bully you," Katheryn says.

"Why do you say that?"

"She can be tough."


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