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At the Savannah Courthouse, Hanna is waiting to speak with Judge David Harrington. Though David says he's busy, Hanna begs for five minutes of his time, and he escorts her into his office.

"The last time we met, you said you would help me find a lawyer," Hanna says, "and I haven't heard from you."

David says that he's been very busy and that so are the lawyers he'd ask to represent Benny. He also says that Hanna doesn't have enough money to hire a lawyer. Hanna pulls out $900 from her bag, saying she just got paid and sold some of her jewelry.

"Nine hundred dollars isn't going to buy you one hour with these gentlemen," David says. He says he'll have to ask a fellow lawyer to work pro bono and that Hanna will have to be patient.

"I can be," Hanna says, "but I'm worried about my son." David says he's made some calls and is waiting to hear back.

Before Hanna leaves, she asks David to help get Benny some more blankets; Benny says he's been freezing at night. Hanna breaks down, asking God to help her child and imploring David to pray with her.

"Lord God, I'm praying that all truth will be revealed," Hanna says. David says nothing but begins to cry.

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Hanna finishes her prayer, thanks David and leaves.


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