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Candace and Jim Cryer burst into Katheryn Cryer's bedroom.

"I have something to tell you," Candace says. "Your husband and I are having an affair."

Jim tries to stop Candace from saying more, but Katheryn wants to hear the rest. Candace admits that the affair has been going on for weeks, and Katheryn isn't surprised.

"You're number nine," Katheryn says. "You're just a number on an assembly line of many."

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Katheryn also tells Candace that she knew her husband was having an affair all along and that Candace won't accomplish anything by further blackmailing Jim.

Then Katheryn warns Candace to leave. "You crawl back to the other side of the tracks where you came from. And Nine, be careful crossing the tracks. There might be a train coming."

Downstairs, Jim tells Candace to take her car and money and leave his family alone. Candace accuses Jim of framing her brother, Benny, in a drug sting, but Jim says that wasn't his handiwork.

"I'm not your enemy. Your enemy's in here," Jim says, pointing to his head. "There's something seriously wrong with you."

Candace says their relationship isn't over. "Your wife might not care, but your daughter? She will."

"So help me, if you bring my daughter into this, I will have you murdered," Jim says.

Candace leaves.