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The next day, Hanna arrives at the Cryer household late for work. Her fellow housekeeper Celine is still bitter about Hanna's new promotion to head of household and has hidden everything Hanna needs for Katheryn Cryer's favorite tea. "I have had enough of you," Hanna says.

She finds Katheryn, who is battling breast cancer, upstairs. "There you are. You've been here for a while now and have never been late once," Katheryn says. "Even in that storm we had."

Hanna apologizes, but Katheryn can sense something is very wrong. "What's the matter?" she asks.

"Mrs. Cryer, do you know a lawyer that I can hire?" Hanna asks. "I'm having family problems, and I need a lawyer." Hanna declines to say what kind of problems she's facing but tells Katheryn she needs a criminal lawyer.

Katheryn says she thinks she knows someone. "You have been there for me through this cancer," she says. "Let me be there for you."

Hanna is still hesitant. "This is an awkward situation, Mrs. Cryer," she says. "You're my boss, and I don't want any favors from you. I don't want to get these lines crossed."

Katheryn tells her to get real. "Lines are already crossed," she says. "You can't work like this. Obviously this is serious. We'll pay Jim a visit."