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Finally, Benny is brought into the interrogation room in handcuffs. He's seated across from his mother and sister, who aren't allowed to even touch him. "Everything's all right, Mama," he says.

Benny explains to them that he was on his way to pick up his date when he was pulled over. He then tells his mother he was driving Candace's car.

Hanna is outraged. "Where'd you get the money to get a new car?" she says. "You selling drugs now?"

Candace says no. "I don't know how cocaine got in my car," she says.

Hanna accuses Candace of lying and tells Benny never to trust her. "Get on up from here and march on in there and tell them those were your drugs," she says to Candace. "You're going to let your brother go to jail?"

Candace maintains her innocence until Hanna slaps her across the face. "Don't you jump in my face no more. I have had it," Hanna says. "Everything you touch you ruin. You are the devil. You got your brother in this whole situation. Get out!"

Candace turns to leave, crying. "Benny, look at me," she says through tears. "I didn't know, but I will fix it."

After Candace leaves, Benny tells his mother he doesn't think she did it. Hanna won't hear it and asks what their next steps are. "They are getting me a public defender," he says.

Hanna says she'll hire a lawyer instead. "I'm not leaving you in here," she says.

Benny protests, but an officer says it's time to leave. Watching Benny leave from the other side of the glass, David is now intrigued. He's now realized that Hanna is the mother of Candace—the woman his gubernatorial running mate, Jim Cryer, is having an affair with. "Might not be such a bad mistake after all," he says.