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At the police station, Judge David Harrington is arguing with the dirty detective he hired to plant drugs in Candace Young's car. Behind the two-way mirror is Candace's brother, Benny, who was wrongfully arrested on drug possession just hours before.

"You arrested the wrong person," David growls.

"You gave me the make and model of the car. We planted the drugs," the detective says. "This was your idea."

David grows suspicious that the detective is wired. He starts to check for one, but the detective pushes him away. "Will you relax?" he says. "If you go down for this, I go down too."

David says he told the detective he was looking to catch a woman. The detective denies it. "What do you want us to do?" the detective asks.

"Drop the charges," David says.

"I can't do that," the detective says. "You said take this straight up to the DA's office...which I did. She has it. She looked at the case, and she says it's airtight."

David orders him to find a way to drop the charges. "You asked me to do this," the detective says. "It's done. I do. I don't undo. You deal with it."

The detective leaves as David gazes through the mirror at Candace and her mother, Hanna, as they wait to see Benny.


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