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Back at the Cryer house, Judge Jim Cryer is on the phone in his study when his housekeeper Celine enters with a glass of brandy to celebrate. "Don't you remember?" she says. "It was this day three years ago that we—"

Jim cuts her off. "That's a memory," he says.

Celine apologizes for breaking it off. "I was going through some very tough times," she says.

Jim says what they had was a mistake. "I'm glad you ended it," he says. "It saved me the trouble."

"I know you still love me," she says.

"Well, then you don't know much," he replies.

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Celine points out that she was always there for Jim. "Do you remember how you used to talk to me all night when she was away?" she says. "How you laid it all on my lap? I miss that."

Jim tells her to go home and see her husband. "If you are looking to rekindle that fire, forget it; it's not going to happen," he says. "It's long dead. And if you're keeping this job thinking that will ever happen again, you should quit."

Celine says she never will. "And you can never fire me, because you love me as much as I love you," she says.

Celine leans over and kisses Jim passionately. He pushes her away. "Get out of this office," he says.


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