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At rehab, Wyatt Cryer's counselor, Jeffery Harrington, finds his patient engrossed in something on his computer screen. "What are you up to?" Jeffery asks.

"Watching porn," Wyatt replies.

Jeffery tells him to turn it off. "Fine," Wyatt says. "I will search for an escort then."

Jeffery informs Wyatt he's not allowed visitors anyway, so he might as well stop looking online. "Look, I've been locked in here with you for months," Wyatt says. "I've got to do something."

Jeffery says he's got a plan to get them out for the afternoon. Wyatt's sister, Amanda, has called and asked for Wyatt and Jeffery's help moving into a new apartment. However, that's not the only news Jeffery has for Wyatt: Amanda is moving in with her friend Candace, the woman Wyatt suspects his father is having an affair with. "No way," Wyatt says.

Jeffery urges Wyatt to get going. "You deserve to get out of here. You've been doing so well," he says.

Jeffery puts his hand on Wyatt's shoulder, but Wyatt quickly shakes it off. "Get off me," he says. "You don't have to touch me to congratulate me."

Jeffery apologizes and says he wants to go because he wants to ask Candace out. "What? No way," Wyatt says. "This I've got to see."


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