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Since the West Florissant restaurant closed a few weeks ago, Tim has been thinking of new and exciting ways to expand the business. After noticing that many customers don't want to wait in the Mangrove's long restaurant lines, Tim decides to start a delivery service and buys a $5,000 delivery car. The one catch to his master plan is that he won't tell Miss Robbie until the car is ready to go—with a bright red paint job and the Sweetie Pie's logo emblazoned on the sides. Once Tim finally reveals the delivery car to Miss Robbie, she's skeptical about the profitability of a delivery service, even after her financial advisor, Mr. Bussey, weighs in positively. Still needing convincing, Tim takes her on a test delivery run to Robbie's sister Linda's house to see how it works. It's an uphill battle the entire way, but with her major concern that the food won't stay hot, Robbie decides not to fight her son on his new endeavor—but to let him move forward and fail on his own two feet.


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