Since the opening of Upper Crust, line cook Ike has been helping Miss Robbie more at the new location, which has caused some confusion about his schedule at his regular Mangrove spot. Tim doesn't mind much at all when Ike's over at Upper Crust, and prefers it actually, as the Mangrove staff is much happier without Ike around nagging them. After bouncing back and forth between the two restaurants all week, it's decided Ike should remain full-time at Upper Crust since Miss Robbie enjoys having him there.
Andre and Charles

Miss Robbie is also getting tired of driving her 18-year-old grandson Andre around town. It's time for him to get his driver's license! Turning to Charles for help, Andre asks if he'll be his driving instructor. After some clever deal making from Andre, Charles reluctantly takes him to an empty parking lot for a driving lesson in Charles' own car. Andre's reckless driving sends Charles through the sunroof, and he gets angry with Andre for almost destroying his precious car. Feeling grateful, Andre later takes Charles to get his car washed as a belated thank you.
Andre and Charles

Watch: Charles agrees to teach Andre to drive and even lets him use his car. Worried about his car's sensitive breaks and Andre's carefree attitude, Charles quickly grows frustrated as Andre drives over each bright orange cone. Watch to see if Andre wrecks Charles' beloved car, or if he gets left behind in the dust.

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Ballot Box

Tim conceives a plan to both raise a little revenue while simultaneously generating publicity for the restaurants by having a t-shirt contest! After getting sample t-shirts with each family member's face to wear, Tim explains the rules of the contest, and the race to get the most votes begins! Tim, Miss Robbie, Charles, Andre, and Jenae and TJ lobby for customer votes at both restaurant locations. More than a little cheating ensues, and when all the votes are finally counted, Miss Robbie is declared the victor! However, the real winner is the family business, as Tim has done a great job putting on the contest and creating excitement with all of their customers. T-shirts are just the tip of the iceberg for Tim, and it's going to be interesting to see what Tim comes up with next!
Miss Robbie

Watch: Tim organizes a family photo shoot for new Sweetie Pie's t-shirts, but Miss Robbie isn't too sure about Tim's grand scheme. Do people really want to wear a t-shirt with her face on it? Will Miss Robbie end up cracking a smile worthy of t-shirt fame?

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Tim and Miss Robbie

Watch: After the ballots have been cast for the new face of Sweetie Pie's t-shirt contest, Tim and Miss Robbie are ready to count the votes and determine whose picture will be printed on the shirts. Find out who the winner is—and who cheated!

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