Robbie and Tim

This week is full of surprises at Sweetie Pie's, and not all of them are the kind that you look forward to. With Miss Robbie's 73rd birthday just a week away, Tim tries to answer the age-old question of what to get the woman that has everything. While at Jenae’s house visiting TJ, Jenae recommends he write her a song of her own to perform—something that she has never gotten the chance to do before. Tim reluctantly accepts the idea as a good one and starts planning the perfect gift.
Miss Robbie and Tim

Watch: Tim takes Miss Robbie to the recording studio to lay down the song her wrote for her. It's been a while since Robbie has been in the studio and she's a little worried her voice won't be up to par, but she couldn't be more wrong. Watch Miss Robbie sing her heart out—this 73-year-old has still got it!

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Miss Robbie decides to check in on her townhouse that Tim and Charles used to live in. To her surprise and frustration, she discovers that Charles is up to his usual shenanigans and has let his dog, Mia, have puppies there! Infuriated by his lack of sensibility, Miss Robbie demands an explanation and Charles starts to squirm. Now he must scramble to come up with a plan to convince Miss Robbie to let him and the dogs stay in her house a little while longer. With a big birthday on the horizon, can Charles pull another trick out of his hat and melt his auntie's heart?

Watch: For Miss Robbie's birthday gift, Charles presents his aunt with an adorable framed photo of himself with two of the new puppies. But this gift comes with an ulterior motive; Charles hopes the photo will convince Robbie to let him keep the puppies in an empty townhouse she is trying to sell for the next eight weeks. Will puppy dog eyes be able to melt Miss Robbie's heart?

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Robbie and Tim

While Miss Robbie moves forward with her plans to reopen West Florissant, Tim decides to go behind her back with some big plans of his own—to open a new restaurant in Texas! When Miss Robbie finds out what Tim is up to, she lets him know she doesn't appreciate a surprise like this. To make matters worse, Tim takes it on himself to steal away Mr. Bussey in the heat of the West Florissant lease negotiation, and Miss Robbie has had enough.

In the end, all is forgiven in time for Miss Robbie, Tim, and the rest of the family come together for Miss Robbie’s annual birthday bash, which features a very special performance by Miss Robbie herself.
Robbie and Tim

Watch: After recording the song Tim wrote for her, now it's time for a live performance! Surrounded by family and friends at her 73rd birthday party, Miss Robbie performs her new song with help from Tim and some special dance moves from Charles, Andre and Jenae.!

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