Miss Robbie

When Miss Robbie realizes how much she misses the original location of Sweetie Pie's in West Florissant, she decides it may have been a mistake closing the restaurant down for good. She wants to explore reopening the location, but Tim isn't sure her decision is a good one for the business. While he is always looking for new ways to expand the brand, to Tim, this feels more like an old idea being rehashed. Plus, he knows that West Florissant needs a lot of repairs, which will likely be very expensive. After meeting with the landlord to start negotiating a new lease, Mr. Bussey voices his concerns about having to cover too much of the repair costs. If they can't get closer to a compromise with the landlord, will Miss Robbie's dream of reopening ever see the light of day?
Miss Robbie, Jan and Tim

Watch: Miss Robbie fears she may have made a mistake when she closed down the original Sweetie Pie's location. With Tim's help, Miss Robbie meets with the landlord of the West Florissant location to see if he will help cover the costs of the many repairs needed. Will Miss Robbie decide to reopen her first restaurant?

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While Robbie and Tim discuss the reopen of West Florissant, Charles decides that he wants become the manager of Sweetie Pie’s delivery service. Monique explains to him that if he wants Tim to promote him, he needs to show some initiative. Being the maverick that he is, Charles goes behind Tim’s back and secures an interview with St. Louis magazine. In order to truly understand the business, the dining editor decides to ride along with Charles on his deliveries. He quickly discovers that this isn’t a typical interview, when it’s revealed that he will be the one actually delivering the food while Charles sits in the car! Next, after a brief photo shoot, the magazine article is off to print. When Tim finds out, will Charles get the promotion he’s hoping for, or the reprimand he’s accustomed to?

Watch: When St. Louis Magazine interviews Charles about the new delivery service, Charles puts the editor, George, to work as he brings the writer along on his delivery run. In between bringing food to customers, George interviews Charles about Sweetie Pie's history along with a few strange questions like: has Charles ever eaten a customer's food or had someone answer the door naked? Find out how Charles answers!

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Jenae has been feeling down since she and Tim officially called off their relationship, so Monique thinks it's time for a girls' day—and books a horseback riding adventure. She gets Jenae back in the saddle to have some fun and lift her spirits, and the girls have a hilarious time while chatting up a storm! This also gives Tim a golden opportunity to get some one-on-one time with this son, TJ, when they take a trip to the ice cream stand together. Will time alone cause Tim and Jenae to miss what they had, or help them realize they're better apart?

Watch: In an effort to cheer up Jenae, friends Felicia and Monique bring her on a horseback riding adventure. Initially unenthused, Jenae ends up enjoying some much-needed girl time away from TJ and thoughts of her rocky relationship with Tim. Meanwhile, Tim enjoys some father-son bonding time with TJ at a local ice cream shop.

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