Tim and Jenae

With Tim and Jenae's relationship already in a rocky place, things quickly go from bad to worse when Jenae changes the locks. Tim and Charles decide to make a surprise visit to see TJ, and when Tim discovers his key no longer works, he quickly loses his temper. A frustrated Tim goes to Miss Robbie for advice on how to work on his relationship with Jenae, but she has had enough with Tim's attitude towards the relationship. After settling down, he calls Jenae and asks to meet. They decide that right now they need to work together on co-parenting, because the most important thing in their lives is their son. Are Tim and Jenae done for good?
Tim and Jenae

Watch: Tim and Jenae meet at local restaurant to discuss how to be better co-parents to TJ, but the meeting quickly escalates as both Jenae and Tim are still harboring a lot of hurt feelings about their past. Jenae finally asks Tim if he's interested in working on their romantic relationship. Will he want to give it another try, or will this be the end of their relationship?

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Tim and TJ

Watch: In an effort to co-parent, Tim and Jenae put their differences aside and take baby TJ to the barber for a haircut. Both parents agree—It's time for TJ's first mohawk!

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Robbie and Tyrone

Tim isn't the only one who seeks help from Miss Robbie, as Upper Crust server Tyrone has big dreams of winning a singing competition show, and asks Miss Robbie for advice on making it in show business. Tyrone practices his audition for her at the Upper Crust, and she is happily impressed. After some final words of wisdom from Miss Robbie, Tyrone is ready to get on stage and blow the judges away!
Miss Robbie and Andre

The biggest priority for Miss Robbie right now is helping her grandson Andre graduate high school. Having struggled with school his entire life, there are many doubts he will make it to graduation. She even calls in his school counselor for an update on his progress and is told that it's too close to call on whether or not he will make it. Miss Robbie isn't ready to give up on Andre, however, and makes very sure that he is studying hard for his finals. Will Andre be the first man in the Montgomery family to walk across the stage to receive his high school diploma?

Watch: It has been a long road, and Miss Robbie and the rest of the family have had their doubts along the way, but Andre is finally graduating from high school! The entire family—including Andre's mother all the way from Texas—gathers at the graduation ceremony to cheer him on as his receives his high school diploma. Congratulations, Andre!

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