Now that you're armed with an understanding of passion, do the following four steps to unleash yours.


1. Love everything you do.

From this moment forward, if you don't like something, you've got two choices: stop doing it (quit, delegate it, hire it out) OR love it with all your heart.

Anything else is madness.

When you commit to love everything you do, you strengthen your "passion muscles" from the inside out and open up a divine channel so that what you're meant to do can be revealed.

Remember, we human beings are creatures of habit. You can't be whiny, complainy and miserable for 80 percent of your day and expect to be enthusiastic and passionate in the last 20 percent.

And if you're feeling really stuck on this whole "finding your passion" thing, this is the fastest way to get your motor running.

Know this: Truly successful people are never the victim of their circumstances. They realize they have ultimate power in any situation and take responsibility for their experience.

Don't forget: In any given moment, if you can't change what you're doing, you can always change how you're doing it.

2. Look at your book collection, magazines, DVDs, CDs and credit card statements. Notice any themes?

What subjects are you constantly gravitating toward? What are you already spending your time, money and energy on?

What thread(s) have been recurring in your life again and again?

As best as you can, check in with your heart and physical body, not your head.

Anything "light you up" so to speak? Do you feel a sense of expansion in your body?

Do you feel excitement (or perhaps even a little fear) when you imagine a certain topic or possibility? Those are all good signs.

Remember, our passions are often irrational and war with logic and reason. That's why it's important to shift your attention into your heart and your physical body when exploring these questions.

Your heart and physical body contain wisdom far beyond the capacity of your mind.


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