Here's what I mean: No matter how hard you try, you cannot figure out your passion by thinking about it. You need to take action and feel your way to your truth, from the inside out.

For example, for years, before I stepped foot in a dance studio, I often wondered about dancing hip-hop.

But most of my thoughts sounded like this: "Wow...dancing professionally would be awesome, but you're too old to get started. Most pros start training when they're 5. You've had zero professional training, and you're already in your 20s. Get real."

Or, "It sounds exciting, but dance as a career is crazy and irresponsible. There's no money in that. You studied business finance, so you should do something more stable and related to what you know."

The endless and debilitating chatter in our minds often tries to talk us out of what our hearts are yearning to explore.

The first time I took a class in a professional dance setting, I started to cry (happy tears, of course) because actually doing it felt right.

No matter how much I wondered about it before, it wasn't until I physically took action that my real passion (and gift) for dance fully emerged.

And from taking action rather than staying in my head, I was able to carve out a little niche for myself in the hybrid world of dance and fitness.

Rather than following traditional hip-hop dancer goals (like going on tour with major recording artists or auditioning for music videos), I was asked to become one of the world's first Nike Elite Dance Athletes—a category Nike created after I got started.

Not to get too woo-woo on you, but magic really does start to happen when you follow your heart.


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