SEASON 5, EPISODE 520 | AIRED ON 09/07/14

Oprah and Paulo Coelho, Parts 1 and 2

Oprah is joined by Paulo Coelho, author of the international best-seller The Alchemist. With more than 65 million copies sold, his beloved parable, which focuses on the importance of following your dreams, has become one of the best-selling books in history. His most recent novel, Adultery, marks his 31st published book. He has now sold an unprecedented 150 million books worldwide.

Oprah sits down with Paulo at his home in the picturesque city of Geneva, Switzerland. In his first-ever interview on American television, Paulo tells Oprah about the process of writing The Alchemist and how the story of the shepherd boy pursuing his treasure is a universal metaphor for life. They discuss how Paulo's colorful and rebellious upbringing influenced the man he is today and how following his heart's desire has positioned him as one of the most successful authors in the world.