SEASON 4, EPISODE 418 | AIRED ON 12/01/13

Oprah and Karen Armstrong: 12 Steps to Compassion

Oprah sits down with best-selling author and TED Prize winner Karen Armstrong, who shares her groundbreaking insights into the world's great religions. After conducting decades of research, Karen reveals the thread that she says runs through all the world's great religions: compassion. In our perilously divided world, she says, we need to live more compassionately now more than ever. In her book Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, Karen outlines simple practices anyone can do in hopes of making a lifelong commitment to creating a more harmonious world. Whether you're waiting in line at the supermarket or sitting at your desk at the office, we can all put ourselves in another person's shoes and offer them our understanding and respect.

Plus, see the first in a series of short films about what people believe. In the Super Soul Short Snatam Kaur: I Believe, musician Snatam Kaur shares how her Sikh faith has shaped her daily life and her music.