Wendell wearing suit

Hey Raising Whitley Fans,

Don't faint but yes, I have on a suit and yes, I own a few... lol! As we say in the biz I had to "take a meeting" so I chose a tan suit. When you wear a plain color suit make sure to top it off with a print shirt so you won't be too blah. I chose a patterned shirt mixed with my hair down—I served it.

Now, when the Hollywood wife summons you to her house for a serious talk (yeah summons because a Hollywood husband does not live in), it's best to choose a bright shirt just in case the talk is doom and gloom.

Now, when your child wants to explore their musical talents parent and child can tap into their inner rocker look! My Joshua sported a colorful shirt filled with reds, blues, greens, and I matched him, well not exactly, but with blues and greens. See, you can match closely even if you shop at two totally different stores. Now if you look closely my pants appear to be green leather, however it's just an illusion because the pants are jeans with a green coating. I think we gave you rocker with Whitley.

Showmanship! Showmanship! you want the people in the club to hear what you say but also I like to give fashion, so just throw on a sequence jacket with plain pants and plain shirt and they will think you went out and spent a mint. All of my outfits are not as costly as you may think, ok maybe some are but all of my looks can be done on a low budget.

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