Wendell, Kym and Joshua

Hey Raising Whitley Fans!

It's me Wendell, your personal fashion consultant with a few tips to share from Saturday's hilarious episode of Raising Whitley!

Okay, when you are going to a religious ceremony make sure you follow the wishes of the folks who invited you. You can do that and still keep your flair. Joshua's baptism called for white -- Did you notice I conformed? See, I'm no rebel, but I still somehow stood out in my white outfit from the others.

Now, "how did I do that?" Glad you asked! If you're on the beach in warm weather you can wear a sheer shirt, with ruffles at the sleeves and down the middle, and still respect the Lord (okay, maybe put a T-shirt on underneath). Men, you're outside not in a building so it's okay to wear a matching cap with your ensemble.

Navy blue and orange is a hot color combo this season! I chose a shirt that had both these colors in them to sport with my navy jeans. And good thing I did! You saw the minor surgery I had to perform on Kym as I removed a bench! I’m so glad my clothing was loose and dark in color, just in case she...well you know Kym...lol!

My fashion tip for today is, if you are invited to a ceremony or just going to check out different religions (Baptist, Buddhism, Catholicism, etc.) and don't know the dress code, wear a color like this, something that will say "hallelujah" anyhow!