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Angela Nordyke, The Senior Corporal/Detective With a 95% Success Rate in Getting Confessions

What's the most rewarding part of being a police officer?

"I'm a robbery detective, so when I'm able to solve a case, lives change. People get traumatized when they have a gun pointed at them, and their property is taken. It's rewarding to say, "I put your bad guy in jail.'"

What would you tell a younger female cop?
My father was also a Dallas police officer. He always told me, 'Keep your hand on your pistol and you head on a swivel.'"

What make you a good detective?
"I'm nosy as hell."

Has your work ever given you an unexpected gift?
"I used to work the prostitution task force when I was in patrol. I was not that much older than some of the girls out here, but I was able to form a connection with them. For example, with this one girl, who spent several years with a pimp. He forced her to prostitute, beat her if she didn't make enough money and really brainwashed her. It took me several years, but eventually she understood this was not the only way to live. We're still in touch, and recently, she said, ‘I wish I had listened to you, all those times you were telling me to leave that life.' It's nice to know I had some kind of positive impact, even though I took her to jail a lot of times and I wrote her a lot of tickets."