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Tracy Jones, the 17-year Veteran of Dallas's Roughest Streets

What's been your biggest surprise as an officer?

"The things that people phone about. They call the police and say, "Somebody ate all the cereal." One lady called and said, "I just want him to shut up. Can you tell him to shut up?"

What was your scariest moment on the job?

"When I thought I was going to have to shoot a man. My partner and I were going to a call. We turned down the street and saw this one guy chasing another guy. Then he took out a gun out and shot the other guy. So we drew our weapons and gave the shooter verbal commands to get on the ground. As it turns out, he was an older man and he had back problems and couldn't get down on the ground as quickly as we wanted him to. He'd been the one who called us. He was chasing a crackhead who broke into his customers' cars."

Has your work ever given you an unexpected gift?
"I had this guy that had overdose on heroin. He basically died, and the paramedics took him to the hospital. Maybe a week later, I saw this guy, and he came up to me and thanked me for being there, and he said he was going to change his life around."


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