SEASON , EPISODE 133 | AIRED ON 01/30/12

Hope in Haiti

In Part 2 of her trip to Haiti, Oprah drops in on Ariana, a young American girl who wrote her a letter seven years ago about her dream of opening an orphanage. Today, Ariana and her family are living out that incredible dream by caring for 45 orphans and running a local school in Port-au-Prince. We find out how and why this average American family left the comforts of their Los Angeles home and moved to Haiti to care for the neediest of children. Then, Oprah meets Magalie, a Haitian entrepreneur who is rebuilding her country through art. Lastly, Oprah sits down with designer Donna Karan and talks about her passion for Haiti, creating opportunities for local artisans and what makes her commitment to this country run so deep.