SEASON , EPISODE 104 | AIRED ON 02/12/12

America's Hidden Culture, Part 1

For the first time ever, Oprah travels to Brooklyn, New York, to meet two Hasidic Jewish families, who lift the veil, revealing the secrets to their usually private and mysterious way of life.

Oprah first visits the Ginsberg family in the insular Hasidic community in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn. As she tours their traditional Hasidic home, Oprah learns why Hasidic women wear wigs and why Hasidic couples don't touch each other for two weeks a month and never touch each other—even to shake hands—outside the privacy of their bedroom. Oprah concludes her visit to the Ginsberg home by sitting down with the entire family for a traditional Jewish meal.

Then, Oprah travels to the Hasidic Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights to meet the Abrahamsons, one of only a handful of black Hasidic families in the world. In an intriguing conversation, Oprah learns about the unique challenges the family faces living as minorities within a minority within a minority.