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As an expression of their commitment to preserving cultures, Urban Zen is on a mission to help develop, market and present the work of Haitian artisans to the Western world. As an ambassador to the preservation of Haiti's artistry and creativity, Donna Karan and a community of supporters have been traveling to Haiti at every opportunity, working one-on-one with the artists and manufacturers. "The artistry and skill is breathtaking," Donna says. "I am so inspired by what I am seeing and the people with whom I'm working with. I couldn't be more excited."

Inspired by the elements of Haiti, stone, wood, paper, metal, tobacco and horn are transformed by Haitian hand with artistry refined through generations. The Urban Zen Haiti Artisan Project is dedicated to creating a sustainable model of philanthropy and commerce, designed to support the artisan communities of Haiti, thereby preserving the rich culture of the island.


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