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In April 2010, Oprah interviewed octuplet mom Nadya Suleman—dubbed "Octomom" by the press—over satellite for the first time. "I have questions about anyone in the news who I feel has been exploited and not handled well," Oprah says. "What I was curious about is what is really going on with her."

During the interview, Nadya and Oprah discussed whether she is addicted to having children. "My role is to help us all understand the human connection we all hold. And so you think you're not like Nadya Suleman but Nadya's using babies in the same way people use drugs, use gambling, use shopping, use work," Oprah says. "I do with potato chips what Nadya Suleman does with babies. That's the only difference."

After that interview, Nadya sent Oprah a letter reflecting on their conversation. "Your words began haunting me: 'Baby addiction.' Although denying this for years, you compel me to face reality," Nadya wrote. "I feel trapped, and the only help I pray for is guidance down the right path."

Nadya also asked for help. "What most people don't realize is Nadya Suleman made money after her octuplets were born," producer Dana says. "She did interviews; she sold pictures. And now she sent Oprah a letter asking for help because she was broke."



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