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In October, senior producer Candi finds out she's producing the reunion—on her own. "I am going to be self supervising The Color Purple show. I no longer have [senior supervising producer] Amy as my supervisor, but I'll be reporting directly to Sheri," Candi says. "That means I don't have a safety net anymore."

Watch Candi give her team a pep talk 

Candi meets with the booking team to discuss how the cast is getting to Chicago and learns some members are traveling from as far as Ghana.

But Candi's thrown a real curveball when booking tells her Danny Glover won't be able to make the show. "His publicist told us back in—I want to say August when we first started pursuing the show— that November 5th was cleared," booking director Cindy says. "In the meantime I guess he took a movie, took a job in Vancouver. And now they're saying they can't get him out."

Candi says it's not a reunion without Danny. "It is beyond important to have Danny Glover on the show," she says. "He is The Color Purple. You can't have a 25th reunion of The Color Purple without 'Mister.'"



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