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1986 was a life-changing year for Oprah. Not only did she launch her own talk show, she was also cast in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple—a role that would earn her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination.

Oprah says everything in her life changed as a result of The Color Purple. "When I was called by Steven Spielberg to his office at Amblin there were people who were working but they were loving working.  They were working hard.  They were all working on different things," she says. "The whole idea to having your own studio and being your own boss, that all came because of The Color Purple and me being in the presence of Steven Spielberg.  It taught me God can dream a bigger dream than you can dream for yourself. "

Still, her name never made the movie poster. "They told me, 'Rae Dawn Chong is a star. You're not.' I went to Steven Spielberg and said, 'I'm going to be doing this talk show.' And he goes, 'What is that?'" Oprah says. "I said, 'This time next year I think people are going to know my name.' He goes, 'Well, this is now and we're not going to put your name on the poster.'"



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