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While Gwen is hard at work with the Backstreet Boys, Leslie and the rest of her team are back at Harpo trying to pull one more con on Oprah. Their plan is to surprise Oprah with Jackie during their preshow meeting, and Jackie's bound to arrive any minute. "I'm sitting in the meeting and I have to act as calm and cool as possible and still give Oprah information about the show," she says. 

Leslie starts running through the show guests with Oprah. When she gets to Jackie, Leslie is afraid she'll give the surprise away before Jackie walks in. "I thought for sure she might suspect," she says. "You can't even be frustrated at that point anymore because you're just, like, 'Well, whatever happens, happens. Whatever's going to go down is going to go down.' And you just have to, like, offer it up."

Leslie also has another challenge. "I'm stalling Oprah Winfrey, and she wants to get those meetings over," she says. "I don't even know if Jackie Jackson's ready to go or not."