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The next day at O'Hare Airport, Gwen and her team are in place to hatch their plan. Assistant producer Sarah will wait with the Backstreet Boys while Gwen grabs the girls right when they step into the Jetway. Pretending that Sarah is a driver, Gwen will call Sarah and ask her to bring the car around. When Sarah gets the call, she'll cue the group to start singing and give Noelle the shock of a lifetime.

As Sarah briefs the Backstreet Boys, Gwen notices her cell phone calls keep dropping. "One of my huge responsibilities in pulling off the surprise is to use my cell phone to cue when the Backstreet Boys should start singing," Gwen says. "I'm just getting more and more nervous."

With five minutes until Noelle's plane lands, the team gets the Backstreet Boys in place. When the plane is at the Jetway, Gwen dashes in. "Then I get on the Jetway, waiting for the girls, and my cell phone is dropping every call I make," she says. "I felt I was going to be the one because of my cell phone not making a call to ruin the entire surprise."



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