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When Sheri arrives at rehearsal, she's awestruck by the set. "I've seen a lot of good sets from this team," she says. "I could not believe they were able to do that."

When Jenna comes over to invite her to stay for the run-through, Sheri drops the bomb. Jenna is stunned. "All of those products, that's all they are right now is time," Jenna says. "Every product [has] to feel that they have been given the love that they deserve. We are filled to the rafters. This show cannot accommodate one more thing."

In the control room with co-producer Brian, Jenna breaks down. "Maybe I entered into it with too much ego or confidence," she says. "This is a boatload of stuff. I don't know how we can fit it all in, and I don't know if it's all going to work."

Watch her emotional conversation with Brian. 

"Jenna's got a lot on her shoulders. Not one but two 'Favorite Things.' Two sets, double the products," Brian says. "I've never seen that side of her where she was scared like this isn't going to work."