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What Jenna doesn't know is that Oprah wants to add one more Favorite Thing—a move that could throw off all of Jenna's meticulous plans. "I called [executive producer] Sheri late last night and said I had been moved by Jay-Z's book. I wanted Jay-Z's book in the Favorite Things and they told me there wasn't time," Oprah says. "I started to think, 'What is the show called? I should be able to get that book in there.' I would be a fraud not to mention that book."

Before talking to the team, Oprah puts in a call to Jay-Z . "I want to choose this book as my Favorite Thing," she says. "But here's the problem. I'm taping the show tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., so I need 320 books here by tomorrow."

Listen in on the phone call

"That shouldn't be a problem," Jay-Z says.

Now, Sheri must deliver the news to Jenna. "I'm a little worried for her," Sheri says. "Jenna's got the most incredible stamina out of anyone on earth but I thought, 'This is going to be a really hard day.'"


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