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'Twas the night before "Favorite Things" and Harpo's halls are abuzz with elves at work. After months of preparation—and Oprah's surprise announcement that there would be two "Favorite Things" shows—senior producer Jenna and her team are hard at work on the eve of the taping. "The thing about 'Favorite Things' is when you watch it on the show, it all looks so easy," Jenna says. "That takes a lot of work."

The day before taping, Team Favorite Things conducts a rehearsal for the first show on a set built to look like Santa's Workshop.

See how the sets were built 

With trains big enough to seat grown adults, conveyer belts bearing toys and more than 5,000 hand-wrapped gift boxes, director Joe walks the crew and producers through every movement Oprah needs to make on this complicated set. "Once we decide on this, we can't change it," Joe tells Jenna.

Jenna feels good about the show. "I'm feeling super excited and confident," she says. "We are going to put together two fantastic shows, make them different, make people want to watch both."


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