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After months of preparation, the morning of Oprah's farewell show has arrived. The show gets off to a great start with a surprise appearance from Bono, who happened to be touring in Australia at the same time the show taped. "This may be the most spectacular production that all of us have ever done together as a team. There's something magical happening here. I'm hoping that it is perfect," Sheri says. "The thing that I'm probably the most anxious about is the zip line."

After Bono's segments, it's time for Hugh's big moment. The people in the control room are on the edge of their seats as Oprah announces Hugh. "I was literally holding my breath from the moment I started speaking to him on top of the Sydney Opera House," Oprah says.

Hugh starts his descent, picks up more speed than he did in rehearsal and crashes face first into the lighting rig on stage. "When I saw him hit, I knew he had to be hurt," Oprah says.

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"Oh my God. This is a catastrophe," Sheri says. "Hugh Jackman is not supposed to crash into the lighting rig."



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