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Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman and Harpo staff are back at the Sydney Opera House rehearsing his zip line entrance. "I love the idea of his entrance being that, but I'm really worried about it," senior supervising producer Andrea says. "It's never been done before. I'm really worried about his safety. I'm worried about the cost. I'm worried about it being too much for the show. A lot of things are going through my head right now."

Drop in on rehearsal

Hugh makes his way to the top of the opera house—14 stories above the ground. Producers hold their breath as he makes his first run. It's a success! "That is unbelievable," Hugh says.

Producer Heather is encouraged by the test run. "He looked like he had a blast. He did make a note like he felt like he could go a little faster," she says. "So when he said he wanted to go a little faster, it didn't set off a warning bell for me because he landed smoothly, and we all felt like this is going to be awesome for the show."



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