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As Sheri and staff work to put the finishing touches on the Sydney Opera House shows, senior supervising producer Jill and her team are breaking records. "Today is our attempt to set the world record by having the most people ever on top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge at once," Jill says. "We have Oprah, we have Gayle and there are 300 Ultimate Viewers."

Once everyone's at the top, Jill and team will capture the moment on film. "We need to be timed perfectly because the helicopter is going to go around in circles and take this beautiful sweeping shot," co-producer Lindsay says.

Oprah, Gayle and the viewers arrive and suit up. Their ascent is stop-and-go as guides halt the first climbers to wait for the rest of the group to catch up. "At one point, I said, 'Okay, this is about learning patience,'" Oprah says.

Follow Oprah and Gayle on their climb

The helicopters are circling when Oprah and Gayle reach the top—but the rest of the viewers are still climbing. "We're running a little late because the viewers aren't there in time," Lindsay says. "I think the shoot was called extreme producing."



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