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From visiting spiritual monuments and amorous koalas to greeting crowds ten thousand strong, the first part of Oprah's Australian Adventure has already been the trip of a lifetime for Oprah and 302 Ultimate Viewers along for the journey. In true Harpo fashion, Oprah and her producers are saving the best for last. Bono, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Russell Crowe, Olivia Newton-John and more national treasures will grace Oprah's stage in Sydney.

Hugh Jackman is also booked—and wants to make a grand entrance. "He wants to really do something special for his country and for Oprah since she's moved the show to the country," Sheri says. "After hours and hours and hours of meetings with many, many people, the conclusion was that zip-lining from the top of the Sydney Opera House to the stage was solid and very safe."

While the producers love the plan, Oprah isn't so sure. "I'm going to love Hugh Jackman as much if he walks out on the stage, if he rolls out in a cart, if he bicycles. It's not necessary for him to come flying through the sky," she says. "I was having some doubts about it and didn't voice them strongly enough because I know everybody so loved this idea."



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