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The plan is reshuffled, and Oprah surprises the 14 Ultimate Viewers who have been sent to Uluru. "Once Oprah arrives at Uluru with the viewers, they're going to be greeted by Aboriginal elders," senior field producer Gail says. "They'll tell us a little bit of their ancestral heritage."

At first, Oprah says the area reminds her of where she grew up—only hotter. The day's temperature is 104 degrees. "It looks like the red dirt of Mississippi," Oprah says. "Little hotter than Mississippi, though."

The visit becomes one of the highlights of Oprah's trip. "I was feeling the spirit of Uluru from the time I was flying in and you see that big monolith coming out of the ground," Oprah says. "Where did that come from? How did it get there? Obviously, something greater than ourselves put it there."

Sheri is relieved. "I see the magical connection that's happening between Oprah and the Aboriginal elders, and to think, she was almost not here," Sheri says. "Saved from what could have been one of my biggest mistakes as an executive producer."

Watch the sunset at Uluru with Oprah


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