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After a night on the beach, Oprah and staff head to Sydney, where Sheri calls an emergency production meeting about whether to add a stop to Oprah's itinerary. "Uluru is in Australia's outback. It really is the spiritual center of Australia and a holy sacred ground for the Aboriginal people," Sheri says. "One of the reasons that Uluru wasn't initially high up on the list was well-known stories of black flies and an unbearable heat."

Oprah began reconsidering Uluru after talking to musician Paul Simon. "I was on the phone with Paul Simon, and he said you cannot go to Australia and not go to the central heart of the continent that is so sacred to the Aboriginal people," Oprah says. "I got on the phone to Sheri, and it wasn't in our plan. She said the viewers were going but I wasn't going."

Sheri realizes she made a mistake. "It's so obvious it's embarrassing to admit. It's the spiritual heart of the country. It's the thing that Oprah will care about most," she says. "If I do not get Oprah to Uluru, all of this is for nothing."



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